WILT: Inherit and Implement in C#

WILT: What I Learned Today

This is a new category of posts I decided to start to record by daily learnings. I am sure that a lot of those posts are going to be embarrassing because they will expose basic things I should have known for a long time but, oh well…
One of the things I enjoy the most with my job is that I learn everyday. Some days I learn about small details, other days I learn more complex techniques or theories.

Anyway, today’s post is about creating a class that both inherit from another class and implements an interface.

This is very straight forward and a frequent occurence but the little “trick” here is to list the inherited class(es) first.

   1: public class MyClassA

   2: {

   3:     ...

   4: }


   6: public interface IMyInterface

   7: {

   8:     ...

   9: }


  11: public class MyClassB : MyClassA, IMyInterface

  12: {

  13:     ...

  14: }

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